Photo by Martin Boisclair
Cast Photo for our 2017 Toronto Fringe production.
The Fisherman at the river.
The Fisherman catches a Trout
Always-Happy discovers the human by the riverside.
Quick-To-Leap and Little-Jaw play with a shin-bone.
The wolves collect the scent of the Trout from Always-Happy's body.
Old-Broken-Foot finally gets his turn to eat.
Strong-Jaw puts Little-Jaw in his place.
Always-Happy takes Strong-Jaw to the river-side
Always-Happy and Strong-Jaw hear something far off and in the sky.
Rally for the hunt!
Little-Jaw dethrones the wounded King.
Little-Jaw expels Strong-Jaw from the pack.
Little-Jaw claims the moose carcass.
All-Mother and Strong-Jaw share the last caress in the Alone Forest.
The wounded king in the Alone Forest.
The Fisherman catches the Sacred Trout.
Strong-Jaw takes the Sacred Trout from the Fisherman.
Strong-Jaw eats the Sacred Trout.
The helicopter hovers over the wolves.
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